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There's no singular approach to my HyperAcousia. Interviews frequently find their way into sound-texts. Fragments become a story. Voices morph and evolve. Sounds take over. I often savor found sounds or intentionally recorded audio, conversations, even sentences until they're ripe for the ear.

In Speech Acts, a gagged voice echoed in my ears when I learned the story of two people who intentionally practiced silence for days or years.

The sounds of scraping inside a huge cardboard box were felt somatically while I explored themes of betrayal (Taboo Box).

A litany of vapid safety tips was on the tip of my tongue in Complicité and so I wrote a ditty for someone to sing.

Keys begged to be tossed arrogantly against the edges of a porcelain and reverberant tub in Exile.

For years I harbored the phrase found in a back-page news story about a man who said he'd been "walking in bad circles" (Travels in Stasis).

Writing a rhymed ballad for an apocryphal 16th-century hermaphrodite happened long after I interviewed women who had morphed into men.

I live for transitions. More accurately, it is liminal space that delineates my aesthetic passions. The borders between (aleatory and uncertain) offer a geography where stories never come to a point. There's a mere hint of plot. It is around these spaces, words and sounds that I'd like listeners to travel, be amazed, in a maze, rather than experience a loss of bearing.

As the writer Fanny Howe says, the human heart doesn't want to answer questions, so much as to lengthen the resonance of those questions.


...on the radio:
Audible Woman, CIUT-FM, Toronto
Beyond Computers, PRI-distributed program
Flotation Device , KBCS-FM, Seattle
The Front Porch, New Hampshire Public Radio
Hitchhiking Off the Map, The Independent Eye national series
The Houyhnhnm Tales, Resonance FM, London
Listening Lounge, Radio Without Boundaries, KFAI-FM, Minneapolis/St. Paul
Magnetic Tape, WZBC-FM, Boston
New American Radio, New Radio & Performing Arts national series
The Next Big Thing, WNYC-FM, New York

NEXUS/Radio, NEXUS/Foundation for Today's Art, Philadelphia
The Night Air, Australia Broadcasting Corporation
Outright Radio, PRI-distributed series
The Radio Chronicles, KPFA-FM, Berkeley
Radio Dada, WNUR-FM, Chicago
Radio Eye, Australia Broadcasting Corporation
Radio Lab, WNYC-FM, New York
Re: sound, WBEZ-FM, Chicago
Something Else, WLUW-FM, Chicago
Soundprint, NPR-distributed series
Sunday Night at the Movies, FBi Radio (Free Broadcast inc.), Sydney, Australia
Unknown Country, Resonance FM, London
Weekend Edition/Saturday, NPR
Where's the Beat, Radio McGill - CKUT-FM, Montreal
• art @ radio
• East Village Radio
• Free103Point9 | Transmission Arts
• Hearing Voices

• Radio Ephemera
• Sound Art Museum | Radio Art Mobile
• Third Coast
• Transom festivals:
Acústicas del Control, Zèppelin, Caos/Sonoscop, Contemporary Culture Centre of Barcelona
Collective Jukebox, international traveling audio art project, launched in France
d>art 01, dLux media arts festival, Paddington, Australia
Deep Wireless, New Adventures in Sound Art, Toronto
Digital Thaw, Institute for Cinema & Culture , University of Iowa, Iowa City
Festival Garage-01: Sound Without Image, Berlin
Free Radio HDTS, High Desert Test Sites 4, Joshua Tree, CA
Outer Ear, Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago

SoundLAB 2009, Cologne, Germany
Third Coast International Audio Festival, Chicago

...on CD Compilations:
Deep Wireless II, New Adventures in Sound Art, Toronto
Drunken Boat Magazine, New York
Technical Breakdown, The AUX Group/Forum for Sound Art, Copenhagen
Vibro 3, radio art compilation, Vibrofiles, Paris gallery installations & performance spaces:
• Curzon Cinema, Vibrofiles, London
• Dinnerware Gallery, The Sound Lounge, Tucson
• The LAB, San Francisco
• LeRoy Neiman Gallery, Columbia University School of the Arts, Vibrofiles, New York
• Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (L.A.C.E.), Strange Animals, Los Angeles
• San Francisco Art Commission Gallery, San Francisco
Technical Breakdown, The AUX Group/Forum for Sound Art, listening posts throughout Copenhagen
• WORKS Gallery, San Jose

...via curated projects:
Sound Lounge, 20-piece headphone installation; live-to-tape performance, Dinnerware Gallery, Tucson
Right Ear Dominant, 13-part series, international sound artists, KUSP-FM, Santa Cruz
Acoustic Mining, 13-part series, random sound art, KUSP-FM, Santa Cruz

The New School / Media Studies & Film Theory, New York - Online Faculty, 2004-present

- "Audio Experiments" (graduate studio/production class)
- “Radio Narratives” (graduate studio/production class)
- “Sound Culture” (graduate seminar)
- “Listening In: History of Radio” (undergraduate seminar)
- “Creative Radio” (undergraduate seminar)
- “Radio Rebels: Culture of Podcasting (undergraduate seminar)
• University of Arizona / Media Arts, Tucson - Adjunct Lecturer, 2003-2004
- “Sound Design for Visual Artists” (undergraduate production classes)
• Mentor, Association of Independents in Radio, 2004
• Internship Coordinator, Outright Radio, 2002
• Radio Trainer, KUSP-FM, Santa Cruz, 1999-2000


City Week Editor / freelance writer
Tucson Weekly


Ligature (2008); Travels In Stasis/Exile (2006): Producer (David Jekel, private donor), 2006-2008
Sound Lounge: Curator, Dinnerware Gallery, Tucson, AZ, 2004
Laramie: Inside Out: Story Editing Consultant (Beverly Seckinger, Video Producer), Tucson, AZ, 2003
Tokyo Equinox: Sound Designer, (Yuri Makino, Film Producer), Tucson, AZ, 2003
Chicago Matters: Documentary Producer (WBEZ-FM), Chicago, 2002
The Next Big Thing: Producer (WNYC-FM), New York, 2001
Outer Ear: Festival of Sound: Commissioned Artist (Experimental Sound Studio), Chicago, 2000
New American Radio: Commissioned Artist (New Radio & Performing Arts), New York, 1993


• Screening Committees
Wingspan Film Festival (Wingspan Community LGBT Center. Tucson, AZ - 2003, 2004)
Lesbian Looks Video Festival (University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ - 2004)
• Grant Juries
Arizona Commission on the Arts, Phoenix, AZ, 2004
Haas Foundation, San Francisco, CA, 1999
• Programming-Planning Committees
Third Coast International Audio Festival, Chicago, IL, 2001
KUSP-FM, Santa Cruz, CA, 2000


• San Jose State University / School of Art & Design – CADRE Institute, San Jose: MFA, 2000
• Temple University / School of Humanities, Philadelphia: BA, 1983


• PanLiterary Awards, finalist, Drunken Boat Magazine, 2006
• Golden Reel Award (1st place), finalist, National Federation of Community Broadcasters, 2003
• Golden Reel Award (1st place), winner, National Federation of Community Broadcasters, 2000


• Public Radio Exchange (PRX) – 2006 - present
• Association of Independents in Radio (AIR) – 1999-2005

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