Dance of dream-led masses

Dance of dream-led masses

Earlid | Dance of dream-led masses, winter 2018

If we are dancing a dream of ignorance around our planet’s future, perhaps a sound can pry open some of the residual oblivion.

Two transmission artists, Anna Friz and Victoria Estok, consider environmental ruin—as witness-listener and as a kind of poetic intruder.

Anna Friz’s momentum is from the center of extractive industries. She didn’t go into the Chilean desert with the explicit intent of making a documentary, but to investigate the meeting point between industries and wild land. She listens to the potential dangers of the mined minerals that support our love affair with digital devices—and our responsibilities around these substances.

In Victoria Estok’s ongoing artistic interventions, she employs technology that brings sound, seemingly out of nowhere, to beam onto a listener. Her sonic interventions span across a decade between UN meetings. Under the looming climate crisis, projecting the joyous voices of children laughing and playing at COP16 resonated both intellectually and emotionally.

Both artists offer a frame around their forays and creative processes and open generously with their words and shared concepts. Visit Dialogues for another Earlid audio portrait.