Flesh has turned itself to stone or dust

Flesh has turned itself to stone or dust

Of all the John Berger texts about looking at the world, there’s one essay that beckons us to understand our visual, metaphoric and literal relationships with animals. To eat them or to refrain from doing so; to breed and to sacrifice; to see animals as subjected and worshipped—these form part of a broader inquiry into our relationships with non-human animals. Their very names are lent to essence and to character and to mystery.

Brother and sister farmers on a small Northern California plot explore relationships with their beloved animals who are destined for slaughter. Vegetarian and carnivore, they raise more questions than definitive answers about the landscape of their work. A quite-audible goat, who is never seen, becomes the weave of yet another story. And a dreamscape invites a third strand of this hybrid documentary-impressionist narrative.

radio + sound-art festivals

Your Voices, Your Stories
Temporary community radio station, organized by Sisters Akousmatica (Pip Stafford + Julia Drouhin)
Moonah Arts Centre, Tasmania, Nov-Dec., 2019

Datscha Radio: A garden in the air
Week-long program combining radio, gardening, hospitality and contemporary discourse in a live radio festival, held in a back-yard garden
Berlin, Germany, 2017

Sound, people, animals and environments: A Sound Response
Deep Wireless Festival of Radio and Transmission Art & the TransX Transmission Art Symposium, Toronto, Canada, 2017

A temporary art radio station
Centre for Contemporary arts, Glasgow, Scotland, 2016

Long Live the New Sound, a podcast for makers and listeners to share and hear work that experiments in sound, 2018

Radio Nouspace: A repository and laboratory for sound
featured artist, 2016

The Intermediary (listen to a 2-minute version)
Earlid, winter 2016

60×60 – Wave Farm + Vox Novus (1-minute version)
Radio Art – Death Mix,  2015