hubris~humility: a conversation

hubris~humility: a conversation

In summer 2020, Earlid featured three artists digging into the gut of hubristic acts and their potential for humility as a gesture of hope.

In January 2024, Earlid’s curator, Joan Schuman, explored these works and weaves in a couple of her own in conversation with Lucia Scazzocchio on the XMTR (Transmitter) Radio Hour from Social Broadcasts/UK.

Featured works:

Evangeline Riddiford Graham listens to Dog Woman, the persona of poet Melinda Freudenberger who filters trauma of sexual violence through her writing. (2020)

Bassel (Myra Al-Rahim) rummages through time and catastrophe in a eulogy to the Second Gulf War. (2019)

Meira Asher breeches the chasm from our ears to the heinous act of a Palestinian boy being burned alive in the Jerusalem forest. (2016)

Joan Schuman’s Cicatrix (2008) sorts through the clutter of post-bombing language chaos in Beirut; The Hitman (2021) veers into the clamor of human-bird vocal contrasts to illuminate alleged control.