Layers of jangle (discordant and harmonious, even echolalic) allow for the pathologies of hearing. As your condition evolves, and your hyperacousia becomes more salient, you begin to hear not only the things you want to hear, but also the noises, conversations, even arguments you might not be pleased with or attracted to. For example the thud of a body being hurled across an upstairs apartment is less desirable an auditory gem than, perhaps, the orgasmic moans of a neighbor’s mid-afternoon tryst.excerpt from HyperAcousia

A passion for eavesdropping crosses wires with a desire to speak with the long-dead radio madman, Antonin Artaud (who makes a ghostly appearance). Hearing that is chattered, stammered, stuttered enlivens the strata of sound.

A kind of calling-card for listening, overhearing, meta-vocalizing and sound artistry.

Originally produced as a 22-channel gallery installation with nearly 100 tiny speakers hanging from the ceiling to ‘ear’-level. Since then, it has aired in festivals and on the radio.

Nightloops: Voicing the Universe
Datscha Radio: A Garden in the Air
Live radio festival, held in a Berlin back-yard garden – summer 2020


The Houyhnhnm Tales
ResonanceFM, London – 2003

Collective Jukebox
international traveling audio art project, France – 2000

Gallery Six
San Jose State University, Department of Art & Design – 1998