Radio without scaffolding - conversations

Radio without scaffolding – conversations

Radio without scaffolding
Earlid | summer 2018

In 1913, on the cusp of radio’s signal transmission, Italian Futurist Luigi Russolo expanded the limited Western musical vocabulary in his manifesto, The Art of Noise, by including a vast variety of everyday sounds. His categories literally serve as ‘scaffolding’ for three podcasters in a voiced ’roundtable’ — part of Earlid’s Radio without scaffolding forum pondering the possibilities of podcasting artistry.

These experimenters link early 20th-century modernism with this century’s transmissions and innovative platforms. This ‘art’ of ‘noise’ whispers and thuds with ingenuity along the following Russolo categories:

(1) rumbles, roars, explosions, crashes, splashes, booms; (2) whistles, hisses, snorts; (3) whispers, murmurs, mumbles, grumbles, gurgles; (4) screeches, creaks, rustles, buzzes, crackles, scrapes; (5) noises obtained by percussion on metal, wood, skin, stone, terracotta, and other materials; and (6) voices of animals and men: shouts, screams, groans, shrieks, howls, laughs, wheezes, sobs.

These categories were intended to change the very nature of auditory perception as well as sonic creativity. These sounds, imagined and voiced, construct a blended conversation in six parts between Earlid’s curator, Joan Schuman, and a handful of U.S.-based podcasters, and, if listened to closely, there’s an ‘audience’ of strange-sounding water fowl along a nearby lake buzzing and hidden in the bush:

Nick van der Kolk ~ Love + Radio
Lily Sloane ~ A Therapist Walks into a Bar
Garrett Tiedemann ~ The White Whale

A scaffolding is built into the mix.

Scroll through or start at the beginning to the linked segments (total length: 28:39).