Radio without scaffolding

Radio without scaffolding

Earlid | Radio without scaffolding, summer 2018

Podcasting is built out of a referent, it’s constantly trying to justify its existence by other means, rather than simply being.
Garrett Tiedemann, The White Whale

There’s an immense freedom in the so-called loss of the gatekeeper. But what about the scaffolding that buttresses these newly built, radioesque constructions—whether launched more than a decade ago or this year?

Eight contributors offer musings through writing, recorded mixes and conversations to engage the resonances in both radio and podcasting’s narrative artistry. Their experiences flow along a continuum of curator-collectors; creative interviewers; improv composers—readily offering platforms for discussing artistic practice.

This public sounding is Earlid’s second online ‘gathering.’ More than 60 written comments are moderated by its curator who also composed a 6-part conversation among some of the contributors, part of Earlid’s ongoing dialogs with sound- and radio-artists.

Artists-Podcasters Featured:
Adriene Lilly ~ Long Live the New Sound
Marjorie Van Halteren ~ That Tuesday
Jess Shane + Michelle Macklem ~ Constellations
Magnus Genioso ~ Where@bouts
Nick van der Kolk ~ Love + Radio
Garrett Tiedemann ~ The White Whale
Lily Sloane ~ A Therapist Walks into a Bar