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Radio | Active

Earlid | Radio | Active Fall 2019

“Radioart cannot remain in the field of aesthetics any more. It has to be involved in ecology, micro-politics, and the philosophy of technology, too.” —Testuo Kogawa

A 2019 book mirrors the bustling, buzzing, radio-centric activities at festival Radio Revolten, from three years before. It’s as if you were there with your ringing ears and your resonating body.

The organizers suggest Radio Revolten, held in Halle (Saale), Germany, in October 2016, was an elusive moment in radio history. The book, Radio Revolten, documents 720 hours of an international radio art festival that took place all over the city for an entire month.

The hefty text seems to bridge both documentation and the analogue experience of the festival—the sense of things happening and then dissipation; the real and the ghostly sounds and signals and circuitry float by.

Four co-organizers (of the festival and the book) offer an echo of how to radio and how radio might be and what it is in the process of becoming.

Listen in and read the musings of Knut Aufermann, Helen Hahmann, Tina Klatte and Sarah Washington.