The “arts feature” is a rather common phenomenon on public radio, but a ‘portrait’ of radio producers is a less-customary blending of form and content. It becomes a hybrid documentary. Radio~Sound~Art found a home on NPR’s Weekend Edition, and then at festivals and various radio platforms.

It’s a primer on radio artistry itself, and it was initially featured on Transom’s inaugural online space, where a discussion about why radio art was, at the time (2001), less regularly broadcast. Podcasting had yet to be launched. Programming of this type has ballooned online (both in the artistry featured and the hybrid nature of the documentary itself).

Radio~Sound~Art listens to the ideas of the U.S. collaborative duos Terry Kapsalis and John Corbett featuring Dead Level and Carol Genetti and Eric Leonardson in their piece, Animism; and radio artists Lisa Kucharski’s Liquid Snow and Joan Schuman’s Speech Acts.

on the radio
In the Moment
WRUV-FM, Burlington VT – 2011

Sydney, Australia – 2007

“Talking Sound Artists,” Weekend Edition Saturday with Scott Simon, NPR, June 23, 2001

“Joan Schuman, Audiophile,” Public Radio Remix at PRX
curated hour of nine pieces, posted by Emily Corwin, Jan. 12, 2011

“Radio~Sound~Art,” Transom: A showcase and workshop for new public radio – March 1, 2001

in festivals
Deep Wireless Festival
New Adventures in Sound Art – Toronto, Ontario – Canada – 2003

Festival Garage-01: Sound Without Image
Berlin, Germany – 2001