Retreat, Disappearance

Retreat, Disappearance

Earlid | Retreat, Disappearance, spring 2019

Proximity of ghosted towns and birds; imagined dissipation of entities lurking in and out of real life; the canceling signals— crossed and masked; anticipation of vaporized languages, words stuck inside mouths.

There’s a joy in static memory, trundling through the inky tunnel and out into the light.

Invisibility is not loneliness, solitude, secrecy, silence. It seems, rather, it can be a kind of autonomy, a voicing, your identity solidified.

Listen to 12 short works featured in Earlid’s annual open-call Liminal Sounds.

Artists featured:

Adern X
Anne Lepère
Brian Price + Eleanor Price
Carlo Patrão
Edward Ruchalski
Garrett Tiedemann + Lily Sloane
Giovanna Iorio
Joan Schuman
Lou Barnell
Olivia Bradley-Skill
Ricardo Paraíso Silvestre
Trihn Lo