Right-Ear Dominant

Right-Ear Dominant

Earlid | Right-Ear Dominant, spring 2017

A collection of eight artistic approaches. Each listens and stumbles and falters along a periphery of truth and veils. How does the brain respond to story?

Short works focus on the left hemisphere—the side that processes the auditory and the primary churning for the emotions and language comprehension. They mirror the wordy, watery, audible activities on that side of the brain. With an ear cocked to the right like Japanese macaques or sea lions, songs evolve in some cases into a new genre called romantic suicide fiction.

These artists offer the sonic body itself: organs and skin, a single knotted torso; the body of proof and lies; the wordy body, disembodied like a radio voice; a murdered body.

Artists featured:
Sian Gledhill

Kala Pierson

Joan Schuman

Sky High Diamonds

Dixie Treichel

Michael Trommer

Karen Werner

Adern X