Skin rubbed smooth

Skin rubbed smooth

Earlid | Skin rubbed smooth, spring 2018

What lies beneath, skin next to other skins, the outer interior of objects, excised stories. Sound artists explore the palimpsest in Liminal Sounds.

Stylus on wax, like a tattoo. Chisel and brush, pigment. An imagined layering of hides and rind and peel. Let it roll off the tongue. Allow the m … p …s …t … to slither, joyfully, audibly, to conjoin into a tangle of consonants. Palimpsest, then.

Start there where images, stories, sounds—even time—bleeds through a top layer. Stand before canvases erased, never knowing what is buried.

Fifteen artists answer these many hollers in Earlid’s annual open-call exhibit.

Artists featured:

Adern X
Adriene Lilly
Annette le Fort
Blanc Sceol [Stephen Shiell + Hannah White]
Dorota Blaszczak
Ernestus Chald
Gabi Schaffner
Garrett Tiedemann
Jamie Flett + Judith Williams
Joan Schuman
John Roach
La Cosa Preziosa
Stephen Bradley
Tanya Louise Workman
Timo Kahlen
Victoria Estok