Story Is ...

Story Is …

Earlid | Story Is … winter 2023-2024

Here’s the way our world is built, these artists seem to say; here are the scaffolds we climb to determine how we fit ourselves in.

Four curators arrive by happenstance for a collaborative series.

Each offers one artist who questions how narrative is spoken and heard, structured out of the gems and ruins of old stories.

They scope out the political or cultural turmoil of simply being a body in the world —a curious chance element in this experiment in marshaling curators who then fan out across the artistry itself.

What arrives in this process is a unique expression and selection—a kind of Little Library of sound art and ideas.

The exhibits unfold at the beginning of the month and then give way to the next.

Story Is … Pink Noise ~ Banu Çiçek Tülü (Merve Ünsal, curator)
Story is … Loops of Retreat ~ JJJJJerome Ellis (Caroline Preziosi, curator)
Story is … The Juicy Part ~ Jess Shane (Joan Schuman, curator)
Story is … Crypto Acoustic Auditory Non-Hallucination ~ Andy Slater
(Marjorie Van Halteren, curator)