Travels in Stasis

Travels in Stasis

A multiple trek follows the nomad’s movements around walled cities and deserts reaching the sea; through the uprooted mind; via ghost travels and in bad circles; inside stories that never come to the point. Five pieces comprise the series; they have been presented individually or as a whole series.

I wrote and produced Nomad for The Next Big Thing (a program that eventually morphed into the contemporary Radiolab). I was invited to be ‘more poetic,’ but also musical, as I listened to the ubiquitous freights rumbling past my desert neighborhood in the U.S. Southwest—a soundspace unlike any urban or coastal experience of living so close to the sound and yet so distant in such a vast expanse. The heat compels one to listen deeply.

“Audiophile: Joan Schuman,” Public Radio Remix, PRX
curated hour of nine pieces, posted by Emily Corwin, Jan. 12, 2011

Hitchhiking Off the Map, The Independent Eye (national radio series) – 2003

The Houyhnhnm Tales, ResonanceFM, London – 2003

Weekend Edition Saturday with Scott Simon, NPR, Nov. 3, 2001

The Radio Chronicles, KPFA-FM, Berkeley, CA – 2001

The Next Big Thing – WNYC-FM, New York – 2001- original commission

Ghost + Memory
These interludes offer a respite: voices and sounds dangle ethereally on a jangling key ring, wondering who remembers best.

Walking in Bad Circles
In the back newspaper pages, tucked beneath the screaming headlines, a small story about a young man quietly came to life. He’s lost to others but not to himself, as he wanders a maze far from a tiny Mexican village into the noise of urban and foreign geographies. “I’ve been walking in bad circles,” says the man, as I imagine him talking to no one in particular, remembering his town and his mother.

Constellations, international experimental storytelling podcast, Jess Shane + Michelle Macklem, producers, January 12, 2018

Martian Gardens, Episode 906, modern classical and experimental music, host/producer, Max Shea, 2017

Spirit of the Forest, a podcast of audio drama & dark comedy created by Dan Crall – Episode 8 – 2015

Flotation Device – KBCS-FM, Bellevue, WA, host Chris DeLaurenti – 2009

Vibrofiles 3
CD + gallery presentations – France – 2005
Curzon Cinema/London – 2005
LeRoy Neiman Gallery, Columbia University School of the Arts/NY – 2005

Acústicas del Control
Zeppelin Caos/Sonoscop
Contemporary Culture Centre of Barcelona – 2005

Deep Wireless Festival
New Adventures in Sound Art – Toronto, Ontario – Canada – 2005

Exile is a longer evocation, a pulling towards the weariness of living in a series of water-less cities in order to better understand the desires of home and place. It’s a meandering, an unsettling, like a traveler’s best hope, though not always smooth in its destinations or landings.

Sunday Night at the Movies, FBi-radio Sydney, Australia – 2007

art @ radio: a podcast – 2005

High Desert Test Sites – 2004
-Free Radio HDTS, Joshua Tree, CA (10 hours of radio art + music)
-radio station installation exhibit: Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (L.A.C.E.), Strange Animals, satellite HDTS, Los Angeles, CA

d>art02 – dlux media arts festival, annual showcase of experimental digital film, digital video, computer animation and cd-rom art
Alchemy Radio, Paddington, Australia –  2002