What is not a map?

What is not a map?

Earlid | What is not a map? | spring 2022

We have tried to pin down the unmappable, like a virus or a cure or a border. A signal is spotted. Gap-maps are traversed between media.

Cartography is like dreaming in its alleged projections or correctives. So many tendrils dance and loosen their way towards solidification. Still, the frame, the scenes and boundaries are recast.

Listen to 9 short works and an ongoing radio project featured in Earlid’s annual open-call Liminal Sounds.

Artists featured:

Adern X
Diana Chester
Dragan Todorovic
James T. Green
Joan Schuman
Lauren Modiano
radio cegeste
Ricardo Paraíso Silvestre
Sisters Akousmatica
Xiaofan Jiang